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Here you can find some testimonials done by our clients and partners as well as samples for you to compare tracks before and after the mastering process. If you're still not convinced, contact us to ask for you free demo on your own track! mastering[at]

 Listen Incense Records : Pre-master
"Alex's mastering is just what you need if your are one of those who knows that today, the biggest results are reach by quantic physics processings. His work is pure, professional and operated with attention and emotion. Alex loves to harmonize sound frequencies and his mastering is so unique that has become a part of Incense Records."
 - Pascal Kleiman - Incense Records
 Listen Mad Hatter-HRD : Pre-master
"Alex Castanha is excellent in his mastering technique. Not only is he responsive to my needs as a label owner and artist, he is also very affordable, knowledgeable and timely in is services. I would recommend him to anyone seeking superior mastering services for electronic dance music."
 - Roman Zawodny - Mad Hatter-HRD
 Listen Subforces : Pre-master
"All i have to say is that since Alex blessed us with his masterings to our tracks we have not needed to worry about the quality of our sound and it being a sign of quality. Crazy masters boost Subforces self confidence in knowing our music is only strong and what everybody else could ONLY want for their own tracks."
 - Jeff Only - Subforces
 Listen Alen Milivojevic : Pre-master
"When i first time hear my track mastered by Alex Castanha aka CrazyTeck, i was so impressed! From then till now, he master my every single track, and my overall sound has reached higher level. No more worries about mastering for me anymore, as his work is so filled with quality and professionals attitude. I would recommend him to everyone with no doubt at all!"
 - Alen Milivojevic - InterTech Records
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